You know, this is about Internet, manage all your screens from a browser.


Use content already in the cloud, and if you need anything that is not already in the cloud you can upload it, we provide storage.


Connect with RSS, Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube and other popular services. Publish once and spread the word.


Create and share Scenyo content, let partners or friends use your content and use others public content.

Hardware freedom

You can use any device with modern browsers. You can choose between OSX, Windows, Linux with Chrome or Firefox (our favourites). We like Android too, with Chrome or with our App. Other modern browsers with HTML5 support should work too, but if you are going to buy an Smart TV or other device, please ask us first, we can help you choosing the best one.

Take Away

Do you like what you see in the screen, take it away with your mobile and share it with your friends. Just catch the QR code.

Grow up

From just one simple TV, to hundreds of screens with advanced features like audience counter.


Multiple customizable templates for showing your content as you want, or use CSS if you are a pro.

Get in touch

Our team will be glad to help you anytime with general
or technical questions, suggestions or comments.